About the Brand

Our Mission

Tricol Clean provides high quality, performance-focused products that clean surfaces without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals. Our mission is to make eco-friendly cleaning and home textile products accessible to all households, regardless of income or geography. If we can make a product that is better for the environment, we want to make sure everyone can use it!

How We’re Different

We are not another factory selling cheap products from China. Built on the pillars of vertical production and mindfulness, our products align with the needs of any household from high-end, premium materials, to affordable products that never compromise on quality. We have cleaning tools and kitchen textiles that are made with recycled polyester and cotton, and even products that leverage the natural properties of elements like silver, carbon, and even crab shells! With our vertical production model, our impact on the environment is minimal, compared to our competitors so buying into our brand is supporting better, environmentally-conscious manufacturing and supply chain practices. You can check out our core manufacturing operation at Tricol Group.